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What is Data Security ??

Information (Document in any format) Security for organizations who are in R & D ,Design and Manufacturing is not only vital but a challenging task for the decision makers.Our “File Security” solution ensures full control of SENDER even if the document has travelled within or outside the company’s network.

The solution ensures full control of your document on WHO can use (Individual, group, teams, company…), WHAT right they have (read/ edit/ print/ share/ mail…), WHEN they can use(dates, duration…) from WHERE (locations, IP address..) they can access.
The solution allows full control of the Intellectual Property (Dossiers, Designs, Patents, Project Details, Financial Data - information in any format), even after it is shared with another person WITHIN network or OUTSIDE company’s network.

Typical usage control problem faced by organization.

  • Information misuse
  • Internal Information Theft
  • External Information Theft
  • Managing collaboration with security
  • Monitoring and Regulatory compliance


Supports for most dominant document format .
Protects documents within and outside the company network.
Control: WHO(People, group, teams, company…), WHAT right they have (read, edit, print, share, mail…), WHEN (dates, duration…) WHERE (locations, IP address..)
No restriction on methods of information distribution.
Support for online as well offline usage.
Prevention of screen capture.
Dynamic usage policy.
Full audit of authorised activities and unauthorised attempts within and outside enterprise.
Manual and automated protection of documents.
Web based administration.
LDAP Integration.
Easy integration with enterprise system.