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With its icon‐driven design, the LifeSize Icon Series is as easy to use as any smart phone without training.
Traditionally video conferencing infrastructure applications have been too complicated to use, with the LifeSize Icon Series everything appears local to the user, and the technology simply vanishes. Join a multiparty call, stream and record, or access your schedule for the day, can all be done through the same UI.
Now you never have to look down (e.g. to a remote) to do the things you want to do over video, your head always stays up and focused on the call.
Name dialling,Much easier than having to remember / look up lengthy IP numbers.
Smart scheduling ,all of your video meetings are laid out in front of you, to join simply click the OK.
Popup reminders will appear on the screen to alert you for a meeting.


  • HD 720P30 / 720P60
  • FullHD1080P30 / 1080P60


  • Point To Point
  • Multi Point 4/6/8 Locations on a Single FHD Conference


  • Telepresence
  • Room Based
  • Laptop/Desktop /Smart Phone/iPADs


  • Window/Ios/Android based
  • VM Ware
  • FHD + Multiparty Server –Client
  • BYOD
  • Multi Location Infrastructure Enterprise FullHD - 50 HD Ports